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Meet and Greet

We will be announcing a meet and greet soon! We are looking forward to shaking hands and personally getting to know each of you that choose to be part of our show. We do have plans on giving more information as soon as we have the okay. Until then please bare with us as we are excited as much as you are! We are working closely with Brazos Mall to enhance the mall experience bringing you a larger show and a overall better experience.

Thank you for your patience as we are updating website.


Top 5 Tips for Vendor Success At Events

1. Vendor Presentation

Your buyer’s first impression may make or break a sale.  When you are setting up your area you want to keep in mind how your space will look to potential customers.  Do you have a wide array of items?  Do you have items available in a wide range of price points?  Can you do both without overcrowding your table.  Of course you want to use all of the space that is available to you including the vertical space.

Bring black table cloths and anything you may need to secure items to your table or table presentation such as tie wraps, zip ties, etc.

2.  Read and Follow the Rules for the Event

Be sure to follow the rules written on the event page.  By signing up for one of your events you are agreeing to follow the rules as written on the events page unless you have another agreement in place.

3.  Bring Extra Business Cards, fliers, pens and catalogs

Place your business cards in multiple places in your space.  Keep a stack close to your checkout area and place a business card in the customer’s bag when they make a purchase.

Whether or not the potential customer you are talking to made a purchase, you want to make sure that when they leave they take something with your name and contact information on it with them.

4. Be Customer Focused Not Focused On Your Phone

There are few things worse than your potential customers thinking that you are bored or worse, ignoring them.  Be engaged, up and moving, working the show.

5. Accept Credit Cards

You should be accepting credit cards and advertising that you accept them.  Find a place to put it on your business cards or on a piece of signage that you display in your space.